How Can I make A Game with this?

I’m a long time Unity user and I’ve grown accustomed to using assets. I have no idea how to program in C++ or use Blueprints. Every time I open Unreal I think to myself… “It’s too hard” and I go back to Unity. I try a few things… And it’s all too unfamiliar to me. I know enough about Unity and C# that I can use it just fine but when it comes to Unreal it’s just too hard. Even with assets I’ve got for free or bought to use in Unreal I just can’t use it very well.

Not sure what type of question this is lol, but ether you take the time to learn it or move on.


No prisoners, eh? :grin: Kinda typical programmer response - light on empathy. :stuck_out_tongue: But ofc most devs have to go through this even if just switching jobs. Switching engine is always hard though, particularly trying to hit peak productivity in multiple engines at the same time. Even just using different Epic engines where there’s overlap is tricky. Look at comments from devs saying they forgot aspects of UDK once they switched over to UE4. :wink:

Try to find a hook or way-in that helps keep you motivated. Suggestion: Hunt for a working gameplay template (rather than static assets), that offers a chance to make a game you’ve always wanted to make (and where Unreal rules vs Unity). But also answer this… Why are you trying anyway? You left that part out, but it really matters. Vocalize it - make it real!

C++ often gets mentioned as a barrier to using UE. It is and it isn’t. Many argue UE-C++ is easier. But course nothing compares to the fully-integrated environment of Unity (even just being saved from Vis-Studio / ReSharper-VAX BS). But this is the price of omnipotence with the engine. But only if your goals are to mod source or the game requires it. Very few devs get to avoid Blueprints 100% (its kinda unavoidable). However, Sweeney’s Reddit from a couple of years back confirms scripting is coming to UE. That may or may not be VERSE.

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The problem isn’t “it’s too hard”; the problem is “it’s all too unfamiliar to me.” Replace “Unreal” with any other engine, and chances are you’re still gonna find it difficult and “go back to Unity”.

I’m sure there was a time when you didn’t know how to use Unity or program in C#, either, but you managed to learn those. Do it again for Unreal.

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Yea i’m sure there’s a lot of people that feel the other way around , that are used to Unreal.