How can i make a custom collision(or something) working like CapsuleComponent

I have to ignore the original CapsuleComponent and make my own for my project

Hi, would you mind sharing more information with us? Do you use a character or a pawn? Is it for the player or for a bot, is it for navigation?

it’s for a player. character pawn, exacly “gravitycharcter” (DirGravity plugin). it is for fixing a bug in that plugin. i will create a new collision and use the center of CapsuleComponent (x=0, y=0, z=0) because of i could’t edit the turn center of CapsuleComponent. uuhh… i hope you understand…

Ok, if I understand you right you’re using a character and it’s only for the player. The character (or to be specific the character movement component) only functions with the capsule component as collision for movement, therefore you can’t make your own.

If you want to use you’re own collision for movement you would need to use a pawn instead of a character.

What is the reason the capsule component does not work for you?

because of i could’t edit the turn
center of CapsuleComponent

I never used that plugin, so I still can’t understand what you mean with that :slight_smile:

that plugin change direction of gravity. while changing direction, the character rotates but it’s rotates by center of CapsuleComponent.

At my Project direction of gravity changing dynamically (there is a spaceship) so character slips slowly. i believe the problem will be solved if character rotates by bottom of CapsueComponent.

if there is no way to do this i think im gonna find another solution…
thanks for your help :))

Ok, so the slipping is the problem?

If the character slips there is a “Walkable Floor Angle” in the character movement and when the floor is beyond this angle the character starts slipping down. If that’s not it you might wanna try increasing the friction values in the character movement (ground friction).