How can I made my AI walk on wall and ceiling?

I just learn AI to chase player around the level. But too bad I cant finish it because behavior tree quick start guide page 12 is missing. don’t know what to do in behavior tree.

I would want have some of my creature able to climb on wall and ceiling and carry on chasing player, how can I made this happen?

Regarding missing BT tutorial part, yeah, we’re aware of the issue and it’s being solved.

Regarding AI “walking” on walls or ceilings, we don’t support it yet. You’ll need to build a solution for it yourself. Let us know if you hit a wall while doing it.



That’s one of the best puns I’ve ever read Mieszko! I’ll assume it was intended :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for website up and I think I know a cheat way to do walk on wall and ceiling.

Well what is it then, we need wall walking in 2018

Use Animation trick. Without the wall it would look funny(!)