How can I load map which is not in the Content folder?

Our project has several maps and the size of these maps is so big, we do not want to pack these maps into the game .pak file, as well as the assets.We hope that user can load maps they want, so is there any method that I can load the map and its asset that not in the Content folder?

You’ll want to start looking at the plugin system.

It’s one of the newer major components so the simpler your requirements the easier you’ll find life.

The overview is:

  • each plugin can have its own content (you need to set a flag saying it supports content and enable a view to that in the content browser
  • You can build pak files per plugin, under the launch menu look at the project launcher sub menu where you can create profiles for building pak files per dlc
  • You’ll need to find a way to distribute these files to the user.
  • There is no central repository of documentation

From what I’ve seen undertaking this is not trivial so make sure you have to before you embark on the process!

Thank you for the suggestion! Do I need just one plugin to pack all the maps or one plugin for one map?

One plugin per distributable unit. Each one has its own content folder.

I have done this work, thank you very much! Your advice really good!

Glad to be helpful! If you accept my answer I get kudos or something for it!