How can I Key Frame a fade in PNG image into a sequencer cinematic

Hello everyone, I’m currently making an opening cinematic for my game, I want to have one of those scenes where the logo fades in slowly

  • I have the PNG Logo of the game and the cinematic already done with the Sequencer.

Now I need to key frame the transparency or ‘‘fade-in’’ of the logo into the sequencer, but I don’t even know how to start, I’m new to the Sequencer so please, keep that in mid :slight_smile:

some of the examples I found out:

Thanks everyone!

The sequencer doesn’t a direct fade/dissolve.
I would suggest adding a plane with the material set to use your title.
And then make a material with Opacity which can then be keyed in Sequencer.

Make a simple material, set Blend Mode to Transparent, add a texture into the base color of your title and add a scaler to the Opacity. You’ll animate this in Sequencer between 0 and 1.

Here’s more info on how to animate a material in Sequencer

Thanks for your help! I ended up doing the animation into the widget itself, and then I fired the blueprint through the event key frame!

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