Gradual hide actor or fade material in sequencer??

Hi I have a mechanical animation many things turning off and on at different times. What is the best was to have more gradual transitions? I tried material collection tracks it requires separate materials with separate material collections it seems. Is this the best way?

You can use collection parameter for materials. I have used that to control from one char skin to another skin via a single parameter in the sequencer.

you can animate a material variable directly in sequencer, if you add material track of the element ID
2020-11-02_material override.jpg
it just ends up being like a dynamic material instance

When I tried that it just toggle the material, there was not way to fade from one material to the other. Is this correct? That results in same problem of things not disappearing gradually.

well depending if you have the object fade out or fade to another material
the setup has to be built in shader. I just posted 1 option on how to override it in a sequencer
if it has to control multiple materials at once, you could use a material parameter collection, or do through blueprints with dynamic materials and variables exposed to cinematics