How can I keep my weapon correctly in my hand?

I’m curious to how i can change the skeletal mesh permanently in UE4 of this shotgun, so when i add it to my characters it stays in the correct position?

I Currently have 4 other guns working in my hand, however i’m using a custom model and the mesh isn’t positioned correctly for my character model, anyway i can fix this mistake made by the skeletal mesh?

Why not add another socket for the shotgun to attach to? and let the other weapons go to the other socket otherwise you will have to fix the shotgun for him to hold it right

Well thats what i have setup right now, however some of my models don’t work well, like some of my skeletal meshes are perfectly in the hand and my other models are all unplaced and not working, The only thing i found that actually does sometihng is if i export each individual model into an editor, change the position, and keep re-importing into the characters hands. This absolutely awful though, half the time it looks jittery and its very time consuming, as well as when you aimdown sites its terrible. What do i do?

you definitely need to learn Hand ik

had the same problem, for every gun i have a different socket, you need to change the socket’s location/rotation so the gun fits in your hand fit in your character’s hand, you can preview how the gun looks in the socket by right clicking in the socket->add preview asset->selecting your gun

in this ss if location and rotation was set to 0 (default) it would look like the one in your ss.

No, I already have that setup as i mentioned before, however it does nothing, since its only a preview it doesen’t save! why cant they make it so when you click save on the position you have the mesh, it ACTUALLY STAYS… ugh why is it only a preview? what do i do?

how exactly are you attaching? probably the following node, you just need to be sure about 2 things, in the “Attach location type” chose “Snap to target, Keep world scale” instead of “Keep relative offset”(maybe you missed this step), and in socket name put the same name as in the socket you created in your skeletal mesh(you probably already did it)