How can I inspect baked lightmaps?

How can I inspect baked lightmaps texture? I’m trying to understand the source of some artifacts and viewing the baked textures would be helpful.
From other questions and comments I got that

They are stored in the map package (umap). You can see them in the content browser if you enable the filter that allows map assets, which is off by default. They are stored in an encoded SH format so they won’t appear as regular rgb textures.

I couldn’t find the filter I need to enable for map assets, what is the exact name?
In which folder are they supposed to be?
How can I inspect those files in UE4Editor?

Hi devel.bmad -

If you want to see your lightmap textures after they are generated, go to the World Settings >> Lightmass >> roll out the additional information and roll out the Lightmaps section.

Hope that helps -

Eric Ketchum

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That’s pretty interesting, unfortunately packed lightmaps are not very helpful in debugging issues on specific meshes. Is there the possibility to view the lightmap for a specific mesh? (e.g. the to check bleeding between different polygons of the same mesh due to UV unwrapping issues?)

That helped me a lot Eric. Thank you!

You can use this plugin Light Map Viewer / Debugger in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

That won’t work for us, unfortunately, since I see it uses C++ and we do not.

I’m a bit amazed that this isn’t built-in…

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Same, previewing baked lighting is a pretty basic feature