How can i increase the bone limit on mobile?

I have a character more than 75 bones and it has some texture issues once running on mobile.How can I change the max bone limitation on mobile?Thanks!

Hey -

Currently the 75 bone is a hard limit of the engine on mobile devices based on currently specified supported mobile devices.

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Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric -

I’m in trouble because the model which can display it in ES2 of Unity can’t display in ES2 of UE4.
Can I set more number?

Also very interested in this

James Golding was kind enough to point me in the direction of this line:

You can increase it and it will work! (tested on Mobile Preview Renderer, Nexus 5 and Nexus 9)

Deducing from what Eric says however, this may break compatibility on some lower end devices (though I might be wrong about this) Eric do you know why this solution may be undesirable?

Hello all, I am also looking for a sloution to this dilemma. I am using Iclone Character Creator for making my characters, along with Iclone and 3dXchange for animation and export. I am very unfamiliar with bones, and how the skeletons work (Heirarchy and such). Is there a way to either delete unnecessary bones in 3dXchange, or find a workaround for mobile?
P.S. The link provided by James Golding is broken. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The 75 is max Bones for es2? can change this to 144 and recompile UE4. works??
or can change the Preview to ES3 instat of ES2?