How can I hide the edge of my Game Map properly?

So I’ve realized a problem. I can see across my map and its very obvious that my first map has an edge.

I’ve been looking around to figure it out on my own but so far I feel pretty helpless trying to figure out a good way to hide it. Can someone help guide me in the right direction of what a good way to fix that problem is?

What do game devs do normally to hide the edge of the scene?

I thought about mountains but my level is mainly forest and I figured if I did mountains around the edge it’d look kinda dumb and might not blend right possibly.

Any advice?

Same issue here. Any suggestions?

One of my ideas is to have an archipelago of islands. Can I make an infinite water edge to my map?

I have also seen a skybox used for these sorts of things where an image of a landscape is used and an impassible object is placed in the way so a cliff or something with the skybox image of a landscape beyond.

No idea how to implement them though. Please advise :slight_smile: