How can I have more than 341 Reflection Captures? Maximum is Global Instead of based on Loaded Sublevels?

The maximum number of reflection captures should be 341. Right now, the maximum seems to be across lighting scenarios and all sublevels, visible or not. It seems that there are two issues contributing to this:

  1. ReflectionCaptureComponents don’t seem to release their cubemap reservation when deleted. This is definitely a bug. Try adding 341 reflection captures to an empty map, delete them all, add one more, and try building reflections.
  2. ReflectionCaptureComponents don’t release their cubemap reservation when the containing sublevel or lighting scenario is unloaded. The code appears to only try to build the visible reflection captures (and hides other lighting scenarios when doing so) so it seems like this isn’t the intended behavior.

Question is, how can I have reflection captures be streamed in from sublevels so I can have more than 341 across a large open world game with level streaming by zone?

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Issue #1 is being tracked here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-67459)

Video showing repro steps included here: UE 4.21.1 - Max Sphere Reflections Exceeded, Even After Deleting. - YouTube