How can i have a smooth transition from a root motion anim and an In-Place one?

I use a root motion anim for start run and then an InPlace one for running. But when the start run animation ends, the character stucks for a while then start moving.
How can i have a smooth transition from a root motion anim and an In-Place one?

I have this issue after solving the partial use on Root Motion From Everything with the latest engine source from Github.
the question link:

Hi khatar_matar,

Can you post screen shots of your AnimGraph, StateMachine, and transition states between idle, start run, and run?


Hi khatar_matar,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing an issue transitioning from root motion animation to in-place animation, please respond to this message with the requested additional information and we will offer further assistance.

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The same problem - How can i have a smooth transition from a root motion anim and an In-Place one?
how to call root animation without montage ?

Is it possible to realize such on unreal engine 4 without slot, without montage.

I am not aware of any other way but through a montage to initiate root motion then transition back to “regular” animations controlled by the player as is set up in the documentation here:

Clear. And then there is no way to stop the transition conditions. When playing Montage (root motion). Sorry for bad english.
When the animation is playing “montage”, transitions animgrapth pause. Is it possible to disable pause and parallel count transitions?

We are currently working on producing more comprehensive documentation on root motion controls. In the meantime I have found this 2 part series on youtube that I think describes how to do what you are asking:

UE4 Root Motion Controller 01

UE4 Root Motion Controller 02

Hi ZzGERTzZ, I’m trying to achieve the same thing in the anim graph. Did you manage to have smooth transitions without breaking/stopping?

Hi there,
The only way to do so we found, is to reduce transition time to zero. For example, transiting from walkstart(root) to walkloop(inplace), first play walkstart until the last frame, then start walkloop from the first frame. Of course, this implies those two should match perfectly. It works with animset pro animations.

The reason why the root to inplace transition forces the “stop” in between is that the motion controller takes the speed either from root motion or from its own calculation, never both. When the transition takes place, motion controller takes speed * blend factor from the root motion. This way the speed is reduced. I think motion controller should blend the two speeds in this cases, but it doesn’t.