How can I get that "Wet Look"? Sort of like the walls at 2:26 in this gameplay. For a level that I am creating (Based of the last of us) a garage will be slightly flooded. How can I get that grime-esk shimmer on the walls?

I’ve tried spec maps in UDK, and either the engine isn’t good enough, or I am making my Specs wrong (I am in the process of buying UE4 as we speak)

Thank you.

Also can I use this for educational purposes? So when I save the level to hand in to my lecturers, how will that work? Is it built in or do i have to pay epic etc?

edit also it says that if I cancel my subscription I can continue to use the editor for free just not get updates, is that true? Can I export my level and stuff too?

Hi iPlay_Zombies,

That wet look should be very easy to get in UE4. It is possible to get in UDK as well but might take a bit more work there. Let’s first figure out the right way to do this in UE4.

Basically, instead of “SpecPower” we now use “Roughness” on materials. Roughness goes from 0 to 1. 0 would be a perfect mirror, 1 would be something fully rough like maybe a piece of paper.

For wetness, you generally want very low roughness, almost 0. If you want to take it further and make it it look like the walls are dripping, you could add some panning normal maps. I would probably mask them out so there are some more defined dripping areas rather than putting it on the whole surface.

Setting roughness low and having some light sources of things to reflect is about all you need to do in UE4.

That is correct. The editor continues to function as usual, you will just not be able to get new updates. We didn’t want to discourage anybody from continuing their work in the editor even if they decide not to renew. Then if you ever do renew, you pick up right where you left off. That said, I would suggest people stay current because if you are disconnected from all the updates for a long period of time, you will miss out on new features and it could be more work down the road when you do update again. It is up to us to prove to you guys that the subscription is worth it.

Thanks for the reply bud. I’ll give it a go. Also, i don’t want ot sound really dense here, but how do you do panning normals? Is there a youtube video anywhere for that? I looked and there doesn’t seem to be any.

Thanks again.

Use a Panner node :wink:

Just found a video explaining, thank you :slight_smile:

Also check out the official “Reflections” marketplace demo. They give some water and puddle examples in it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Downloading all 7GB’s now guys :stuck_out_tongue: