How can I get starter materials?

after I installed and have been using the unreal editor to make some maps I see I have only a few materials unlike what you see in the tutorials vids. can any one halp me solve this problem??

Create a new project and enable Include Starter Content in project creation window.

that’s not what I wan I don’t wan to to work in a my projects map. its not the unreal editor. that’s for creating a chooter game wich im not im making an ut4 ctf map

when I do thet I get the little blue guy to start the map/game style/
im woring in Unreal Engine Project File. for making ut4 maps

I dont understand what you mean. Are you making a game on top of the shooter game project? If thats the case you still need to create a new project and then migrate those materials to your existing project.

Ok then, you need to do as i said in my last post, create a new project with starter content and then migrate those materials into your own project. You can delete that new project when you get whatever you need from it.

that part of the editor is for making a shooter game. of what ever style you want to do. that’s the my projects editor. witch I’m not using. im using unreal tournament editor. working with the unreal creation

In that case Jacky’s suggestion is still correct. You need to migrate the start content assets into your UT project directory. The easiest way to do that is to make a temporary new project with that “include starter content” box checked, Migrate the content and then delete the temp project.

ok ive tried that and it dosent work either. but now it shows all the materials in the folder. and when I go to use them they go blank and says cannot find assets file?

How did you migrate them exactly? You need to select the materials in Content Browser > Right click > Migrate > Show your project’s Content folder as destination and that should work.

ok ill try that…

ok that finally worked thx so much for the help.
no how do I get the lights to not cast preview on the map lol