How can I get rid of flickering in VR mode?

Watching the VR Demo by Epic and also with a simple map open I noticed edge flickering while moving the head up and down. I have this problem with oculus and the HTC Vive. I allready tried the keepallive trick and set the Hz settings of the monitor to 60. Is there any way getting rid of the flickering in VR mode?

The refresh rate of your monitor has got nothing to do with your headset. Also, VR games usually run at 90 fps, so the refresh rate of both the Vive and OccRift is 90 hz. I don’t know what kind of flickering you mean exactly but I guess what you saw was either just an aliasing effect or something else that causes artifacts at low resolutions. If what you saw was kind of a ghosting/smearing effect, that’s because reprojection, which kicks in if your computer can’t manage to compute the full 90 frames per second. The game gets locked to 45 fps and the engine is using “older” information to fill in the gaps.

Possibly not 100% correct, since I don’t completely understand it myself :slight_smile:

If you are interested though, here is some valuable information about all of that: