How can I get my weapon to display correctly from a first person perspective?

I’m making a first person shooter, and I’ve run into two problems with the way the weapon is rendered in first person.

  1. When the player moves or rotates, motion blur occurs on the weapon, even if it hasn’t moved relative to the player’s view. I’m currently updating the weapon’s transform at the end of each tick via APlayerCameraManager::UpdateCamera. Is there a flag that disables motion blur on a given mesh, or am I moving the weapon incorrectly? If it matters, the weapon is currently a separate actor from the character.
  2. The front of the weapon is culled when looking closely into a wall. Is there a way to render the weapon in a separate pass, or is there some depth trickery you can do on a mesh to prevent this?

I’ve dug through the ShooterGame example looking for solutions to these problems, but I haven’t been able to figure out much. Any help is appreciated!

Regarding 2), I think Depth Priority has been deprecated/removed, so unfortunately that’s not an option.

There are two other solutions:

  • Scale the weapon to be physically inside of the character’s collision component, and position it closer to the camera so that it still looks normal size. This is however not viable for melee weapons which use real world traces.

  • Implement collision on the arms/weapon to play an animation that prevents it from clipping through walls.

It’s sad that the traditional method is gone, but I guess it’s for the best considering that I’m planning on Rift support when my DK2 arrives. Having a gun look farther away than the wall in front of you would be very awkward in VR.