How can I get my NavMesh to update with a rotating door?

Hi all,

I created a simple blueprint for a door that rotates on the “hinge” when opened. I’m using a timeline to update the rotation of the actor. It works great except the navmesh doesn’t seem to update to take into account the new orientation. Below is a screenshot showing the opened door. Any ideas?

I also experience this same issue when i use a timeline to move an actor around in the world. The navmesh doesn’t rebuild around the new location. Anyone have a working example I could use to see what I’m doing wrong?

Hi JoshR,

I have been unable to reproduce this thus far, would you be comfortable providing a test asset that is causing the problem you are experiencing? Thank you!

Make sure rebuild at runtime in the navmesh generation properties of your project is checked. The check box seems to always reset to off each time you reopen your project.

Here is the door actor i’m using. I’m not sure if I also need to export the associated mesh? attachment

Yes I’ve noticed this setting getting reset, as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help my particular issue.

Hey everyone,

We have identified a defect with Nav Mesh not updating at runtime and have a report filed to have this issue fixed. We do not have an ETA for the fix at this time, but we will try to update you once we a solution in place.



Thanks for looking into it, I was going a little batty trying to figure it out :slight_smile:

I look forward to fix this bug! :slight_smile:

Has there been any progress on this because i am getting the same error in 4.5.1 ?

I managed to fix this issue by turning on get rebuild at runtime under the recast navmesh actor this is automatically added when you place a navmash volume in the level. Make sure the navmesh is encompassing the whole level. Then under settings set cell size to 10 and cell height to 10. As long as you have rebuild under runtime enabled it should work fine. I have managed to get this working in 4.5 as well as 4.7.2.

I am having a very similar problem in 4.23 despite setting project settings for dynamic navmesh and it appears to be set to that in the recastnavmesh actor in my level too. The problem geometry is a rotating circular wall with gaps at regular intervals. The navmesh keeps the original position of the gaps and doesnt update them as the wall rotates on a timeline