How can i get a post process to only affect my HUD in ue4

how can i get a post process to only affect my HUD in ue4. i have been trying to work around this issue i have been having for some time now, i have made a glitch post posses material and it will not applie to my HUD. if anyone has a way i could get around this so i get a post process to only affect my HUD. that would be great.

Post-Processing is not supported on HUD/UI elements right now - these are drawn by Slate separately to the scene etc.

This has been the case since forever, is there a reason why this hasn’t been prioritized or address yet? Is the demand not so popular?

Just the fact that we can’t get a proper post process glow on the HUD is alone a red flag, faking glow is not the same visual output either. We had to recreate a HUD functionality from scratch just to get some of these Post process features going.

depending on what you want to do, a material with a retainer box might be enough
take a look at this tutorial: UE4 Tutorial: Creating a Parabolic (Curved) 2D HUD like Halo/Destiny – Zag's Blog

Yes heard of it but this method uses scenetexture2d that is prone to rendering things twice even if its just some UI elements and projecting them back at the very least on 2K texture in the material this is also questionable as what may happen if the game is running on higher resolution or is scaled up, we all know how sensitive text and UI are to lack of resolutions.

But yes its a method, still though i wonder why Epic haven’t addressed this issue yet that forces us to look for such strange workarounds.

Since they use the engine for their own games, Epic tend to work on things they need internally rather than what is high on the communities perceived priority list. It’s both a blessing and a curse - on the plus side we get features that are actually trialed in the real-world, but on the other side we have to wait longer for something we’d like (or, you have to implement it yourself).

The retainer box solution can work, but we found it’s not so useful on menus etc since hit-detection and tooltips break as a result. Works fine for in-game though, but you do have to budget for another screen-size render target. They’re more of an optimization thing IIRC anyway.

Worth mentioning - you do get scene-level post processing on your UI if it’s drawn in-game, i.e via a 3D widget in world-space. Again though, you have to budget for render targets and usually those RT’s have to be oversized to deal with crappy anti-aliasing artefacts.

If it isn´t possible with a normal HUD, maybe you can build your HUD as a real object in your game, like they do with some helmets or cockpits in other games, and then try to create a post effect, that only affect those objects.