How can i get 2 skeletal meshes to use the same skeleton?

Ok so i asked this question already but no one answered :skull: so i’m asking it again.
Is there any way to get 2 meshes to use the same skeleton? In my blender, when i exported both meshes it had the same bone names and and general skeleton names but just different mesh names. Whenever i try to re-import the new mesh, and select the player skeleton (the one i want it to use), the player model gets really bugged out and the other model is running the animations smoothly. How can i make it so that they use the same skeleton properly?

Hi, What I suspect is that the hierarchy is not the same or there is a similar issue. I suggest watching this video series. Pretty sure the answer is somewhere there.

You right click the skeleton mesh asset and click “assign skeleton”

If the animations look bugged after that point it helps to see a video of it. Could also be a problem with bone weights on the mesh itself.