How can I generate hit event when the actor attach another?

I want make a ARPG Game,And the character using sword etc.The sword attach to my character’s hand.But when the character paly animations and let the sword move,hit event can not generate.How can I generate hit event when the actor attach another?


You need these 3 things for a hit event to fire:

  1. The weapon must have collision.
  2. At least the weapon must have “Simulation Generate Hit Events” set to true.
  3. The weapon and the target must have their collision profiles set to “block” each other.

This link can explain more of the details.

I know this way.But when the actor was attach another the hit event work not well.


Is the blue debug text the hit event location?
If you turn on collision visibility from the console, what do you see?

Are you using a custom collision profile or one of the default ones? I also use attached weapons and had to make a custom profile so that it would collide as I expected.


In this gif you can see the collision event was not sensitive.

Hm, that’s strange.
I’m not sure what it might be without seeing your setup. It seems like it might be that collision is still not properly setup. If the object is not attached to the actor, do you get hit events correctly?
Is the character capsule or the character set to collide?

If the actor is moving by self,the hit event will be triggered(add a movement component etc.).But if the actor attach to another and not move by self,hit event can not be triggered.I am sure the collision setting is OK.


Sorry, I’m not sure, then.
Are you on 4.11?

The blue text is the hit location, right? If so, it seems like it there is still something not correct in your setup. Is your OnHit event registered on the correct component? For example, if you registered the event on the character’s mesh, instead of the capsule, this kind of problem might happen.

Yes, I am on 4.11.I set a hit event on character rather than the cube. But the hit event also can not triggered.


Can’t you use overlap events instead of collision events for this?
It may or may not be more reliable to detect when things hit each other.

Overlap events can be triggered,but I can not get the sweep result.

Can you take a screen shot of your BP?