How can I fix these stupid reflections?

Every time I start to pan away from an object then I start to see the reflections I want. There’s absolutley no answers to this online and I have seen people say on forums to use the command r.SSR.Quality 0 which completely removes all my reflections. I even added a box reflection capture and that doesn’t help. Can anyone please explain to me how I can fix this so it’s a full reflection and not only what my camera sees?

If you are using box reflection capture actors, it needs to be scaled to fit the room. The sphere reflection capture actors are a bit easier and more lenient, but there’s also parallax issues on glossy surfaces. Ideally you are going be be layering multiple reflection capture actors as well.

Just in case you’re not clear on what SSR is. It stands for screen space reflections, and as the name suggests, for it to work, what it’s reflecting has to be on the screen, that’s why you’re seeing them fade out as you look away. If you really want to reflect things that are off screen accurately I would imagine that unreal has some form of real time reflection system that you could investigate, but in general your typical player doesn’t notice this, and if it really bothers you you’re probably better off just pushing the roughness up a touch so that it blurs the transition somewhat.

Try using Planar reflection. It yields better and more predictable results than Box/Sphere reflection, but “heavier” and costlier than counterparts. I think it’s more designed for arch. vis though and for situations when you need big and correct reflection like in long hall or something like that. If you have a small room then it’s better to properly setup Box/Sphere reflection and increase roughness value like @Selentic said.

I wouldn’t start with this unless you know how to use it since it’s so computationally costly.

Box reflections are the way to go with a small room, just needs to be properly scaled, which can be a little bit of a trick. You’ll also want to include a Post Production volume that helps you manage the way your SSR and reflection probles (IE: Box or Sphere reflection captures) work together. I tend to put my SSR value to around 25% - so I still have some, but the probes are doing most of the work.