How can i fix the LNK 2001 error "Unresolved external symbol"?

Hi guys, i wonder how the fix the LNK 2001 error.

The thing is that i have created a BlueprintFunctionLibraryFactory named BPFunction.

Then i accident deleted it in my Visual Studio, then i tried to build my project. it just gave my LNK 2001 error: unresolved external symbol “public: virtual class FText __cdecl UBlueprintFunctionLibraryFactory::GetDisplayName(void)const " (?GetDisplayName@UBlueprintFunctionLibraryFactory@@UEBA?AVFText@@XZ) FinalELE A:\Unreal Project\FinalELE\Intermediate\ProjectFiles.cpp.obj 1”

i wonder how could i fix this!

Any help would be great!

Try right click on .uproject file and “generate project files”, then rebuild

Ok sir.