How can I fix stuttering on edges, and flickering ambient occlusion?

I have a gtx 970 with UE 4.10.2. In any scene, when i rotate the camera view, I see stuttering on corners and edges, and flickering in the ambient occlusion.

See this video for an example of what I mean:

The front edge of the cube stutters as I pass it, and the AO in the corner flickers madly. This is a new project, default setting, with only three cubes in it. The fps stays solid at 62.

It is as if there is a frame lag of some kind, but i cannot figure it out. I have tried adjusting every nvidia setting, locking the fps and every project setting that I can find.
Surely i should be able to get a smooth motion here? Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated!


Can you produce video that only visualize AO. Also is that only ssao or is there dfao too? What quality settings you have?

Hi, thanks for your reply. New vid here:

In a different scene, watch the AO behind the bookshelf.

Settings are all on epic.

ssao only.

I’m probably way too late but to fix the problems above the edges of objects can be smoothed by changing Anti-aliasing in the scalability options to either high or cinematic and to fix your AO issue, use a post-processing volume and make sure it’s on infinite extent or un-bound. Then find the AO tab and go to advanced settings. Lastly where it says “Bias” make sure that’s a high value (I recommend 8). With your frame rate issue, I know this forum is 3 years old and you probably have gotten a PC upgrade but the FPS is all on how your PC handles UE4. Some updates have also fixed this issue.