How can I fix my landscape uv?

Currently i have this problem


i tried to fix it by lookin on the internet but its been 2 days now and still havent found the answer:(
i am a third year student tryin to learn unreal engine 4.
but i cant seem to find the problem. its probebly some setting or check box i forgot to set.

this is my material

i would love to know how to fix it.

thanks in advance

Just scale your height textures up with the landscape coord node

Hi Raikuns,

Nothing is wrong with the UV’s of the landscape. is correct, all you need to do is increase the Mapping Scale settings inside of the Landscape Coords node.

You kind of want to notice that the tiling is because your landscape is made up of (by default) 63x63 quads * 8x8. The landscape is then made up of 8x8 components, for a total of 504. You need to divide your input UV coordinate by 504 then to get the UV’s to go from 0…1 across the entire landscape.

To know your Landscape’s # sections and components, go to the Landscape tab (Shift+3), and then navigate to the Landscape’s Manage section and click Change Component Size from the dropdown. Once you’re there, you’ll see the number of Sections * Components will give you the total tiling across your landscape.