How can I fix my BehaviorTree to turn smooth?

I am currently using a behavior tree to turn towards a target.
My goal is to have a stationary actor turn towards someone as they run by.


However, the movement is very choppy as it snaps to the target. I’ve been trying to use the “Wait” to try and smooth it out a bit, however I have been unsuccessful.

Any suggestions?

The Rotate to Face BB Entry task just requests a character to face given direction and finishes as soon as character does that. This task does not control how fast it’s done. This is the domain of character’s properties. If you need non-instant turns you need to make sure your Use Controller Rotation Yaw is disabled and Use Controller Desired Rotation is enabled, then RotationRate.Yaw will control how fast a character can turn/rotate (while moving).



Hmm, so I should be making my own task to do this?
Sorry I might be confusing my self. Lot’s of trial / error situations as of late and I’m getting myself lost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that was much easier then I realized!

If I may ask, in terms of me targeting & turning toward a target, is this way an efficient manner?

Yes it is, since the rotation calculations and controller querying are happening anyway, you just specify how to use the data.

I think the reason I’m worried about efficiency is because my behavior tree track objects in a sphere just fine but just keeps running the entire programs running time constantly looking for more objects to enter it’s sphere. Would this lead to issues of it continued running?

How many BT-driven AI agents are you planning to have at one time?

I’m trying to reach the same goal: have a task dedicated to make my character turn to a specific point/rotation.
I’m using Rotate to face bb entry, but asJaytaz said at the beginning, my character just snap to the new rotation.
I tried uncheck the “Use controller yaw”, but then the character doesn’t rotate at all, it get stuck on the bt task.

I can’t find the option Use Controller Desired Rotation on my character blueprint, where is it?

Ok, solved.
I found the option Use Controlled Desired Rotation on the movement component, thanks to Mieszko.