How can I find some c++ unreal tutorials?

Hello guys I’m new on unreal engine, I came from unity which use c# as scriptining language. One of the reason that make me switch tounreal is due want to inprove my c++ skills, and I want to do that making games. The main issue I’ve found is almost all tutorial I can found were made with “blueprints” I really do NOT want to use that, it’s simply doesn’t feel right to me and as I said before my main reason is imporve my c++ skills

now, the question: ¿Where can I find some tutorials for unreal engine which aren’t just how to start the first person shooter template and why everybody use blueprints?

sorry my terible english it’s no my main language


I do not think I fully understand your problem, but hopefully the following information helps:

  1. C++ 3rd Person Battery Collector Power Up Game This is a video series for programming in C++. I don’t think this uses the “First Person Shooter Template”, but instead I think it uses the “Third Person Shooter Template”.
  2. Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers Apparently this might help with the transition from Unity to the Unreal Engine. There appears to be some C++ and C# examples here.
  3. As to the question as to why everybody uses blueprints. In my opinion anything with a higher level of abstraction usually requires less work to achieve a result quicker, but with a potential drawback of performance.

I could be wrong about all of this, so I am just going to make a comment and hopefully this helps somehow. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, It has been hard for me find documentation for the c++ part of unreal engine, taking aside what you’ve posted, there is no useful information.

Grab a good C++ Book or look at the Udemy Curse no need to be UE4 specific. Everything else C++ specific to UE4 like the Macros are actually documented. You can also take a look at the wiki for C++ Tutorials aswell as right click (almost) any BP Node and go to Code definition to look at the Code behind it.

Fundamentals are important everything else you can figure out easily on your own after a short while =)

Good Luck mate.

Yeah, I going to do that, thanks!