How can I export a NukeX 3D camera and import it into Unreal 4 to use with Sequencer?

Hi everyone,

Anyone knows how I can import a NukeX 3D camera into Unreal 4.20.2 to use in Sequencer?
I am tracking in NukeX 6.3v1…
TY :slight_smile:

If it can export to FBX then it might work, only way is to try it

Hi darth thanks for the response.
Yip I am still downloading the footage from remote client so I cant try it just yet but will soon.
You can export camera from NukeX as .fbx but I think it comes into U4 facing the ground.
There is a script to fix that out there somewhere.
I saw article on it on Answerhub but I cant find it now.
But yeah no worries I can always just cheat camera and flip inside Nuke before export :slight_smile:

Input from a friend of mine who knows Nuke very well:


4 hours ago
Does UE4 allow import of alembic files? Perhaps that
would be another option, if fbx doesn’t work. The
other possibility is that UE4 reads the axis in
different order than nuke outputs. Try using zyx
rather than xyz (which is the nuke default, IIRC).
If the camera is just rotated 90 degrees, offset
it in nuke by 90 using the camera tracker
(same link as above).

Here is one of the shots I tracked in Nuke:

Ho about exporting it from nuke for Maya or Max and then from Maya you can export it for Unreal Engine

Cant afford Maya or Max.

Well I exported a camera from Nuke and imported it into Sequencer.
it does import but I don’t see any keyframes.
For a split second the camera moved but then never again after that.
I don’t see any transform keyframes in Sequencer.
I am exporting from an older version of Nuke so I think that might be the issue.
I tried exporting .fbx in ASCII from Nuke and not.
Neither worked.
If I try and import into Blender then I get error saying that the .fbx version is older and not supported.
So no luck yet :frowning:

Found this on AnswerHub
[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”]Nuke → Maya → Max → Datasmith -->UE4

I suspect that the issue is my older version of Nuke.
Here they say that it does import and they do see keyframes: Nuke to UE4 - Camera - UE4 AnswerHub
I suspect they have a newer version of Nuke.

Asked a friend to run my camera export through his newer version of Nuke and export as alembic and fbx.
Hopefully he can do it and then I will try again.

My savior and night in shining armor is David Hannah.
His email is:

I sent him exported .fbx camera from Nuke v6.3
He ran it through his newer version of Nuke v11.1
Exported several formats sent it back to me.
It didn’t import into Unreal 4.
So I imported it into Blender 2.79b
Exported camera from Blender as .fbx
THAT one imports into Unreal and even orientation is correct with ground plane.
So YES YES it works !!!

So only one issue remains.
The camera pans right, tilts right, level with ground, pan is in the right direction.
Only its not sliding back as the Nuke original screen right.
If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this …. :slight_smile:

Figured it out.
Scale in Nuke way too small for Unreal.
Upped camera node translation with Python expression.
Now that camera is flying like a rocket.
Now I just have to figure out what that factor needs to be.