How can i exclude specific assets/blueprints from post process?

I have a basic screen effect that triggers when the character is in a certain state but i want to exclude him and certain objects from the post porcesseffect. Is there a way to achieve this?

Hello PhoenixWo1f,

There is a way to achieve this via blueprints, and I actually wrote a tutorial for something very related to your question. The tutorial goes over how to trigger switching to an external camera (in your case the screen effect it would switch to) and hiding certain actors while using that camera.

Since I am not sure the exact screen effect you are implementing though, I am unsure as if this is what you are looking for. Either way here is the tutorial link on the Unreal Wiki page. Let me know if this helps, or if you need further assistance.

Switching Cameras and Hiding Actors


Thanks for your input that is a great setup, unfortunately I’m looking to have certain assets rendered differently when I trigger a certain mode.

Ie: batman vision from the Arkhangelsk series. He turns it on and everything Is blue but key objects are yellow. This is similar in what I’m trying to achieve.


Hi Phoenix, would you be so kind as to share how you resolved this. I’ve been wracking my brain too trying to figure out how to display some white text over the top of a fade to black as I change scenes in my game, but I’m still stumped. I would have expected there to be rendering order or something of that nature.

Could you please share how you resolved it. I’m looking for the exact same thing. Thanks.

Hi pixelvspixel and Harshinilsvi,

You can achieve this certain effect by using Custom Depth feature. Here are some useful links for you. :slight_smile:

Hope you find this helpful. :slight_smile: