How can I enable VR in a packaged project? Enable HMD isn't working

Can’t get it working

Enable HMD doesn’t work

Console command stereo on doesn’t work

Using Oculus Rift

Hey Pinworm,

Here is a list of documentation that should send you in the right direction for enabling Gear VR:

  • [Samsung Gear VR Development][1]
  • [Samsung Gear VR Best Practices][2]
  • [Samsung Gear VR UE4 Quick Start][3]
  • [Gear VR Project Creation][4]
  • [Gear VR Project Setup][5]


I should have said I’m using rift Not gear vr. This didn’t help, sorry.

Yes, it’s best to specify when you’re asking for assistance. I use the Gear VR often, so that just came to mind. My apologies for not posting both.

  • [Oculus Rift Quick Start][1]
  • [Oculus Rift Development][2]
  • [Oculus Rift Best Practices][3]
  • [Unreal Engine 4 Documentation Searching Page][4]

Have a great weekend!