How can i edit the config files so i can speed up the engine.

How can i edit the config files so i can disable dynamic shadows, set detail mode, disable post-processing effects, motion blur, etc? What config files can i use to edit the settings, i’ve tuned everything to low yet i need moar performance

I would like to know too. I’m all about the the gameplay and performance. Im gonna bookmark this question now.

I don’t think removing post process will gain you much in this case, considering you already set to low.
As for Shadow Casting, on your Movable light, set not to cast shadow.
If it’s static lighting, make sure you bake your light to make it non dynamic preview.

Don’t use BSP too much, it’ll kill performance.

In case you’re working on a high DPI “Laptop” and you don’t need to have the Viewport to render at 1:1 resolution and you’re using Windows, use this following method.
Go to Screen Resolution panel (Desktop > Right Click ScreenResolution)
-Make Text and other item larger or smaller
-Change the size of all items to Mid (faster viewport) or Large (fastest viewport).

This method will allow you to run in native resolution but the viewport will be render at a lower resolution.
The only problem is that all UI element are also scaled hence you got less real estate.

Another setup to squeeze extra performance is to make sure your viewport is not to big on your display.

With all those setup I manage to run Unreal 4 Editor on Surface 2 Pro at 35FPS (EPIC settings) or 48FPS (LOW settings) on a level with decent amount of assets, shaded and lit,.

Hope this helps, although I’m curious what’s your machine specs and how bad the FPS that you got in the editor?
FYI, SP2 comes with Intel HD4400 so not exactly a powerhouse lOl