How can I detect the Actor that's overlapping my trigger component?

Hi I want to make the player so he can look with the head in the direction of any actor that’s overlapped by the trigger box component inside my player BP. Is there a way I can do this?

He should look automatically to the overlapping actor? If you have a collision capsule or other shape setup, you can use the “Begin Overlap” event for this collision shape and use the “OtherActor” parameter. Either use it directly or cast it to the class that the character should react to (other classes will fail the cast. basic c++/BP!).

With this other actor, you could turn the head bone to this direction. But i have not yet worked with moveable bones in UE4. But lets act like you know how to change the rotation of the head bone, then you will want to get the OtherActor location and the headBone location and just calculate the direction/rotation.

The “EndOverlap” event could be used to stop this.