How can I create new editor panel for Plugin?

I want to create a UI panel for my plugin in Unreal Editor. There are some codes about adding a button to level editor but adding a own panel such like Assets, Details and so on. How can I do this? then how can I distribute my plugin? I cannot find any file that compile result of plugin.

Hey donggas90,

We don’t have very many tutorials yet that detail all the different ways the Editor can be customized. A good starting point would be to look at one of the existing plug-ins in the Engine’s Plugins folder. Some of those are very simple, and some of them are very complex. For example, the Paper2D plugin implements a whole new editing tool to the Editor, including custom asset types, custom viewports and details view customizations. The MediaAssetEditor plug-in also implements some of those things, but is a lot simpler.

In general, to add new assets you would add new UObjects to your module and hook them up in the appropriate places (see UMediaAsset, for example). To customize the details view you would use a so called Details View Customization. You can find plenty of examples in the DetailCustomization module, for example.

You will have to look at some of the existing code and learn how it all works together. It may be a bit confusing at first, but isn’t all that difficult. You shouldn’t have to write much code to do what you’re trying to do. When you get stuck or have particular questions, please come back here or post another question.

We are planning to have more Editor Extensibility tutorials in the near future.

Custom asset is interesting. Can you show me the links for those plugins’ introduction page or source code download? I searched google but not appear valuable informations.

You can take a look at the Paper2D plug-in, for example, which is part of the UE4 code drop on GitHub.