How can I create blueprints in c++?

Trying to learn since I am noob here. Is there any docs or lesson to learn how to build a blueprint from simple one? To place into the blueprint graph?

#Wiki Tutorial on Making BP Nodes



How are the file setup. Like cpp and h to make it blueprint. I only see how code part not the file layout part as well path.

learn the basics of UE4 C++ from my other tutorials here:

It too little information it feel like not detail. I am just saying that there no properly it feel it too much export talk. It should be at least show how to set up. As well there should layer or sort by level of learning than it over the place.

#Entire Source Code

You have the entire engine of source code to look at, open any files you want and you can see how everything works



Well there so many but I wanted start with some basic as there different type of blueprint.

There are some more info on how to make a new node in: