How can I create a static Voxel Terrain?

I want to create a “voxel terrain” (MineCraft like) editable only in editor, in game mode he should be as static mesh.
I do not understand well with the architecture of UE4, I think do it so:

  1. Create MyCubeTerrain class, derived from AActor
  2. Create MyChunkStorrage class, derived from USceneComponent. He is contain voxel data, and StaticMeshComponents for each chunk. StaticMeshComponents needs to draw generated static meshes.
  3. Create plugin for editing MyCubeTerrain in editor.

Whether correctly I think?
The occlusion culling will work if all meshes be in one AActor?

Can i remove all VoxelData in Cooking? not needed in game package.

That approach could work. Also check out this GitHub project for an example of Minecraft style voxels: [WIP] Procedural Voxel Generation In UE4 - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

I can’t seem to find a GitHub link to this project, can you post it directly?