How can I create a simple multiplayer game?

Hi friends, I’m new to this, and I would like to create a simple multiplayer game, but I don’t want to connect with steam because I want to my easy to just send it to my friends they can download it and start playing with me when they download the game only what they need to do is just add their name then click on connect so we can start play.

How can I do that?
What server can I use?

The most important how to connect the game to the server?
The template game template that I want to use is this

Hi. you can run a server with 2 methods.

  1. Run server on a Client. so you must know the IP of the person who wants to run the server or you must have a system to collect server IP (steam do that easy but for you its a little hard)
  2. Run server on a specific server so you always know server IP.

For these 2 methods, you must use in “Execute Console Command” “open IP” to connect other clients to the server for example


but some configuration for port forwarding may be needed