How can I create a saddle that can alter the Dino's BP values?

I’m trying to create some saddles that can alter Dino’s default values. Like for example I’d like to make saddle for the Pachy which will enable the “Melee Attack Harvest Usable Components” option when the modded saddle is equipped.

you will need to create an event that can make this happen.

Yeah, I figured. I just don’t know how to put that different BP and its values into the event.

Which BP holds the variable for the Melee Attack Harvest Usable Components?

The Dinosaur Character BP.

Ok I see so the pachy holds it, First of all start by setting up something like this:

I would say you want to check the items name and then check for condition name = name and set the harvest to tru, that just something I threw in randomly so you could get a general Idea. Of how it would look like.

But did you do that to the Character BP? As I’m currently trying to find a way to “modify” the BP without actually changing it. So in other words a saddle that “force” checks the “Melee Attack Harvest…” temporarily.

yes that was done in the character bluprint, if you wish to do it from the saddle itself i think it would be more complexed, you can maybe use Event blueprintequipped but Im not sure how it works.

Well I did already take some example of the SCUBA Flippers. Made few saddles based on that. Those were simply copy&paste where I just made new buffs that gave the dinos speed buffs.

That is simply the same exact graph that the flippers use, giving a buff when the saddle is equipped.

Try this graph based on the same concept. but will only apply for pachy.207f4620b675e185363a8ed2285a54762fe035ba.pngYou will need to add the SelfObj variable.

Alright, I will try that as soon as I can. Thanks :3

Thanks a lot dude. Just tested it and it works like a charm! Now I don’t have to make separate dinos anymore :3

your welcome man, glad it worked. Its really rare to get help here when it comes to Blueprint scripting.

By the way, any idea how can I set the Melee Damage Amount for an attack? I tried to mess with the Attack Infos array, but I can only get it open not edit them.

If its in on an array you need to create a get and if you know the index of it you can just place the number, if not you need set up a loop and search fo r the value you want, I could tell you more but I havent really worked much with arrays on U4, I think this is done for an specific attack, if not you can just get the set melee damaget amount node and make a get ini int and use it to change it from the gameusersettings.

Well here is the stuff I got out:

Can I now somehow set a value to the “Melee Damage Amount”?

Another way I could do it is to modify the values in the status component:

I tried to make it so that the saddle doubles the weight capacity, but nothing happens. I tried with the function “Set Max Status Value” and it worked just fine, but the problem with that is that it adds the exact value I input.

A quick thought, my guess would be to break apart the attack info, like you’ve done, manipulate it into whatever you want it to be, “make” a new one, and replace the index you got it from with your new made one?


What exactly do you mean by that? I also made a new Dino Attack Info and put the values I wanted inside it. Then I made it as a variable and tried to set it on the existing one. The devkit crashes when I try to attack so there is something horribly wrong with my arrays.

Also to make it more clear I’m trying to make it so that the saddle buffs the Pachy’s damage by 50%. I tried to make it as a buff already, but I can only set a “limited time” buff and I’d like this to be “permanent” as long as you have the saddle equipped. I can pretty much set all the other options I want in the blueprint script so getting to that “Base Damage” is my main concern ATM.

I don’t know the length of the arrays of attackinfo for dino’s, or how they’re set up in the bigger picture, but in essence what I was saying was to create a Make DinoAttackInfo Struct node and set the values you want in that, then replace the struct you’re wanting to change at the index you got it from, how to do that part exactly, I couldn’t say at this time - I don’t have the DevKit open at the moment as I’m working in Maya and attempting to fix UV maps Maya utterly ruined :|.

But, you may also be better off waiting for the 222.1 update to the DevKit, as Drake said they added/expanded functions for buffs and I believe insinuated there would be an example of this on the Giganoto for buffs they used on it… if that will help you solve what you’re doing, I don’t know. It’s worth a wait and look though I think.