How can I create a high quality path tracing screenshot?

I found no possibility to create a high quality path tracing screenshot. After a while the rendering in the viewport looks pretty good. But when I create a screenshot with the screenshot tool the image is very noisy. Is there a way to set a value for the seconds which will be used when creating a screenshot with path tracing?

Best regrads, Andreas

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I found the solution. There is a console command: r.HighresScreenshotDelay

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how do i get rid of all noise in pathtracing?? i tried to change value in postprocessing rendering feature on path tracing settings but i cant go higher than 64. when i put a higher number it goes back to 64. i use UE 4.25.3

Hi, I got a plugins that can easily capture a Path Tracing image, both in runtime or editor-time. Let’s check out :smile:

for anyone looking for a solution
use this command

and add the no. of samples u have set in your post process for path tracing

For eg if u have 1024 samples set in the post process volume for path tracing, write

r.HighresScreenshotDelay 1024

hope it helps to anyone struggling with this issue


Where can I find my screenshots taken with “r.HighResScreenshotDelay 1024” command? I’m using UE5.1 and there are no photos in Saved\Screenshots\WindowsEditor directory as with normal “HighResShot 1920x1080”. Could you please write complete console command for r.HighResScreenshotDelay? maybe I’m using it wrong. Thank you


“r.HightResScreenshotDelay” is only a command to set delay. You actually need to take a screen shot with “HighResShot” command after you set a delay with “r.HightResScreenshotDelay”.

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