How can I count how many times an event happens in a child blueprint?

Hi, so I’ve been working on trying to get a fail state for my gameplay, which revolves around herding A.I. Player hits the A.I until they leave, but runs the risk of killing them. There is one parent A.I and the rest are children, as they all use the same behaviour tree, but doing it this way I’ve run into trouble trying to count each instance of death in the A.I. I want the player to fail the game if they end up killing all the A.I in the level (so when all A.I health reaches 0).

This was the attempt I tried in the level blueprint, then used a print string to see if it worked. I either got it to count once, then it reset to zero, or it counted each A.I as 1 individually.

I can’t use destroy actor, as it is already used to create the winning state (when A.I reach the right destination), and I want their bodies to remain in the level anyway. Any ideas? Or would it be easier to put all the A.I onto separate behaviour trees/blueprints and do it that way?

Put a Print String node into the “botDad_character” cast failed. If this system isnt keeping track of your “dead number” variable its because the cast is either failing or your “dead” bool is never true.