How can I control a camera during matinee when I press an input?


I’ll develop, so I’m working on a cinematic (around 10 min) with different matinee sequences and many cameras, they have translation and rotation tracks, but I would like to override or disable the matinee rotation when I press the space bar without stopping the matinee, like I can do with a HMD (oculus, etc).
When I just rotate the current cam, the matinee rotation is “stronger”, I’ve also tried to use another cam which follow the matinee cam and change it when I press space bar, but it doesn’t work too, it still display the matinee camera.

Is there a way to do the same thing like I can do with HMD?


Hello, i bump this because i have the exact same problem.
Whenever i want to control the rotation of the camera, matinee take the lead and reset my rotation.

How do we bypass this ? ( I have multiple cameras too, so it will be a pain to modify each cam)


I think, that this solution can help you.

Hello svv3dUDN,
Thanks for the fast answer, but with this solution, i will have to redo all cameras of my sequence (40+ more).
Is there any blueprint solution where i keep my camera intact and force rotation on the matinee sequence ?

I have the exact same problem with the solution above, here is a short gif to show you.
Thanks you

Hi Svv3dUDN,

Thanks for the answer, I tried this, but when I want to display my BP_Cam with a “'Set View Target with Blend”, it doesn’t work, it still display the matinee camera and more than that there are some clipping, it look like UE try to render both cameras.

If you need something like this

Do next. Crete Pawn bluerpint. Add Camera component

Add this Pawn to Game Mode


And add this to Pawn EventGraph

You need add index switch for node GET if you have several cameras in your scene. In my example I have one camera and I just set zero index.

PS: You need Play this example in Standalone mode, because in PIE mode Pawn not always attached to Matinee Camera. I think this is little bug.

Hi Svv3dUDN, with some little modifications, it works perfectly in my project.
Thanks you so much, you’re awesome! :slight_smile: