How can I change UV map index before import to Unreal?

So I have this structure I’ve built in Blender. It has 2 UV maps, the first a texture unwrap map, the second a lightmap. For a reason unknown to me, when I import into UE, it picks the lightmap as the texture unwrap map and places it in UV Channel 0. I have tried renaming. I have tried deleting the lightmap and redoing it. I even went overkill and tried sandwiching it between 2 texture maps on either side, doing it all from scratch, as such (in order of creation):
UVMap.001 (texture map)
UVMap.002 (same texture map)
UVMap.003 (the lightmap)
UVMap.004 (texture map copy)
UVMap.005 (texture map copy)
And it still went for the lightmap!
Since it seems UE4’s pick for a texture map is permanent and you cannot change it, I guess my question is how do I change the index number of UV map in Blender so Unreal Engine knows it’s the texture map and slides it into channel 0?
Note: read carefully. This is not about changing to a different lightmap by changing the Light Map Coordinate Index to solve lighting issues. I’ve gotten too many replies of people thinking it’s that - and it’s not.
Thanks in advance!