How can I change the panner speed within a BP?

When I set the material panner speed x and y, then the ratio can’t be changed. I need a way to manipulate the panner speed in x and y individually in the BP.
Please help. Thank you.

Soory i dont have my pc right now , but i think this should do it

[X (scalarparameter)*time Append to Y (scalarparameter)*time] Add to [TextureCoordinate]->Texture

no , the TextureCoordinate only affect the scale of the number of the texture, not the panner speed.

Thats how you can control the speed of a panner:


Now you will just have to access the parameters with a blueprint -> or

if you multiply not if you add

Thank you. Yes that works. I think i should make a Material Function about that. And maybe UE should make that easy in the next release. Hehe.
Anyway thank you guys, very much.