How can I change the Initial Location on a ParticleSystemComponent?

Hi, i’m having some trouble finding a way to change the initial location module’s values of the emitter that is on my particle system.
This is the code i use to create my particle system components, the template is of the created particle system in the editor.

 ParticleTemp = ConstructObject<UParticleSystemComponent>(UParticleSystemComponent::StaticClass(), RootComponent->GetOwner());
ParticleTemp->bAutoDestroy = false;
ParticleTemp->SecondsBeforeInactive = 0.0f;
ParticleTemp->bAutoActivate = false;
ParticleTemp->bOverrideLODMethod = false;
ParticleTemp->AttachTo(RootComponent, NAME_None);
ParticleTemp->SetWorldLocationAndRotation(GetActorLocation(), GetActorRotation());

I have been looking through the headers but i cant seem to find where to change the values of the initial location module on the emitter that is in my particle system. Do anyone know how i can get access to the values i’m after?

I finally got it working, i needed to set the Distribution on the Initial Location to DistributionVectorParameter and then call on that parameter in order to change the values.
Here is a good tutorial about this topic.