How can I change the directory of save file when shipping on Windows?

I want to save that to my packaged directory, just like package my project as build configuration set to development, so is there a way to do that?

I’m wondering the same question, how to make UE save where I want.

Shipping packages are always recording game files in a obscure folder hidden deep into user’s “My Documents”

The only way I’ve found to avoid this is by launching your .exe with a -NotInstalled parameter added. You can make a simple .bat file to click on it.

With that parameter -NotInstalled, the shipping-packaged game will create saved games folders within the project folder, next to content. Still no full control of saving location but at least you can keep track of the files and include them in a shipping.

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I looked at the code and could specify the save folder by adding UserDir=Tmp to the startup command, is there any way to automatically add this command in the packaged shipping windows exe

Hi ! Did you find a solution ?