How can i change Light map resolution value


I want to access a value (Light Map Resolution, Light Map Coordinate Index) like a picture.

I want to use it in the editor, not in the playing game.

How can I approach this value in C++ ??

i think you can import your own lightmap

Im not really sure what you mean by that. You can just adjust the values in the editor window you are in right now.

Its probably not something you can acess from within the game though, since the lightmap gets created during the light build process. You problably dont even need to acess them, just think of the value you enter in the Light map Resolution field as your “maximum” lightmap size. Mipmaps and lods will switch to a reduced version if you get too far away from your object.

Sorry. I did not have enough explanation.
I want to input a value in C++


Cast(StaticLoadObject(UStaticMesh::StaticClass(), nullptr, TEXT(“/Game/Mesh.Mesh”)));