How can i change from 2D to 3D while ingame?

I am making a side scroller game with both 2D and 3D. I want to have so when you press a key your character becomes 2D. I am using the Side Scroller Blueprint. Is it possible to just change the scale of the x value to become 2D with the press of a button while playing the game?

P.S. I am quite new to Unreal Engine, so any tips would be great.


Yes, but I’d be wary of doing that, as it won’t look like you think it will.

When you say press a button to become 2D, you mean the model becomes flat like a sprite, right?

Do you mean something like Paper Mario or do you need to go from 3D models to sprites?

For a Paper Mario “clone” play with the camera and make it go from orthographic projection to perspective, that will make the trick.

Basically I want it to scale the x axis to extremely low to give the 2D effect, unless there is a better way.

From paper Mario

I create this solution, its not final ,because if you move to the left , and then make perspective , you get the control inversed.

, I hope this helps.

I found the problem with inverted control , instead of setworldrotation , use setRelativeRotation ,and that is it!!

Something more like Super Mario Odyssey?