How can I chain target points together so my character will follow them one after the other?

I have navmesh and set button in my Level blueprint which will trigger a character to move to a point target object. that works, but how can i chain couple of point targets, that my character go immediately one after another. in the content examples they used delay if im not mistaken, but i need my char to go to A, after that B, C … and so on…
right now im using “simple move to location” but i cant link couple of those together… is there a callback to notify me, that the char is reached point A so i can start another “simple move to location”


You will want to take a look at this patrol AI tutorial:

It will cover what you are asking. In the Behavior Tree, there is an option to let the AI know that it has reached its’ destination. It is covered very well in the video series.

Let me know if this helps.

yeah, that will work. thanks

but i guess you were reffering to that playlist