How can i cancel certain light influences of a light source ?

I have i corridor with a lot of light bulbs ( emissive material that glows but makes no real lights or shadows ).
I use extra point light sources for shadows and real light, however, when ever i use a point light near a reflective material i can see the point light reflection, and the player doesn’t even supposed to know that it is there.

This is the picture of the issue :

Is there anyway to solve it ?
I’ve noticed there is a place for a LightFunction in the PointLight details, can it be useful in this case ?

Not sure if it would completely solve your problem, but you could try to rise the “Min Roughness” property of that light, 1.0 should do the trick.

Thanks, but then it won’t show other reflections as well :\

Are you tweaking the roughness in light actor? You shouldn’t do it in the material (in this case). In the light it’s “hidden” under “advanced details”.