How can I call function after one is finished?

I want to call function after MoveToActor() has been finished. How can I?

Hi, I’ve never done this so no guarantee that is the right one, but from looking at the API I would try OnRequestFinished of the UPathFollowingComponent.

Sorry, how can I do this? Im kind of new in UE4.

Sorry, how can I do this? Im kind of new in UE4.

I only used Dynamic delegates till now but OnRequestFinished isn’t a dynamic delegate, so I don’t know, but you could search for multicast delegates.

I assumed you already considered and dismissed making a task inside the behavior tree which you would call directly after you’ve used the MoveTo task. If not, then that would be a quite simple solution and behavior trees really shine if you want your AI to go through a chain of behavior.

I don’t remember exactly, but there is something like Move Completed event that you can use.
Edit: here OnMoveCompleted | Unreal Engine Documentation

This worked. Thank you.

_ Yes.