How can I avoid Windows 10?

I have a PC with windows 7 and don’t want to format my SSD and install a new windows it will be a real has sell.

I also cannot upgrade as such an option won’t be available for someone like me.

I can get the test preview build for free or whatever they call it, but man to install that and have to backup everything etc? and redownload my software etc?

Gosh but I know if I do it, its going to be sort of worth it? I have a question in order to know if Windows 10 will be worth it for me.

I have a AMD 760K Athlon quad core CPU, it taps out at 100% on all 4 cores in Battlefield 4. Do you all think that DX 12 is really going to help this CPU? upgrading CPU is out of the question for me and the sole purpose of me upgrading to Windows 10 would be to gain better CPU performance in games. Nothing else really other than this.

If you want DX12, you need Windows 10.

I’ve seen a few people who are using the early builds for development and are having no problems.

How come you can’t upgrade instead of a full reinstall?

The Windows Insider preview can be installed as an upgrade, so you don’t have to reinstall everything. But it is glitchy right now. Nothing that blocks working with it, just annoyances. F.e. Explorer and with it the taskbar and the desktop like to die when you use the popup menus to start something as admin f.e., or they just stop responding to clicks (ie, it doesn’t hang, but clicking icons won’t result in any action on them).

Just wait for it to be released to the public and with your Windows 7 (and 8 keys) you get a free copy.

When it comes out you can install it on a partition or another hardrive if it is possible. Then you will have the best of both worlds. (Windows 10 is a service pack for 8 that they want to make money off. That’s my opinion anyway.)

Ok guys I need more advice now. I just put in a old 500GB HDD I had laying around. Right now I can put Windows 7 on that HDD and put Windows 10 on the SSD.

My question however is do you all think I should upgrade my Mainboard aswell? I am not sure if there will be a 6 Core FM2+ AMD CPU in future this seems like a dead socket to me, and since DX 12 will be using many cores I feel as though I will be stuck with a dead end platform here with this quad core AMD CPU. And in future I may not have another choice, but offcourse this is all speculation as AMD has not confirmed FM2+ to be dead but I have the gut feeling it is.

Do you all think Windows 10 is worth it for reducing CPU load for games? since my AMD CPU taps out in battlefield 4, do you all think that if BF4 as it is did support DX 12, I would get better performance?

Will DX 12 reduce the need for more powerful CPU or will it simply spread the load across more cores hence making quad core AMD kinda useless compared to 6 and 8 core AMD?

Or do you all think the windows 10 is a good install for a decade to come, and I should utilize it and that it is unlikely that games are really going to benefit from more than 4 cores within the next 10 years?

You will be happy with win ten, plus build 10159 just hit today for that fast build group. And dx12 is very nice, it runs a lot better even for things that are dx11 and below. You can sign up for early access for dx12.

Btw, I have hardly any problems with Windows 10, and I have been using since it was first avail to us, and when I update I copy the install.esd and make an iso to make my usb installer and do a fresh install every build. Best least problematic way to do it :wink:

I can help with that if anybody needs a hand.

Can you please explain a little more about that? what change are you witnessing when running “dx11 and lower” programs on win 10 ?

Well, I said all I can really say being as when you sign up for Early DX12 Access you sign an NDA. I don’t wanna say to much, but check it out :wink:

I’m asking because it’s strange if you see any change at all. Because for something to run better on win 10 because of DX12, it has to be using the API. No game has yet been released where they have used DX12 API and an OS running DX12 doesn’t affect any DX11 and lower programs. I think there’s a long long way until we actually get to see that ~50% boost in action.

But they could change the implementation to DX12 and let the API front at DX11. Im not saying they do so.

I believe, due to the massive screw-up with Windows 8 and the enemies Microsoft made (mainly Valve) by the time Windows 10 becomes mandatory, Linux will equal in the playing field with gaming.

Long live Linux! (Sorry microsoft. But until you can figure out how to make an OS. I will be using Linux!)

Yes they can. But as you know, they wouldn’t.
Even many developers aren’t considering DX12 a step they “should” take ATM. Later maybe, but right now, A) Not everyone has DX12 compatible hardware B) Not everyone who owns DX12 compatible hardware is going to switch to win 10 even though it’s a free upgrade so it takes it’s time.

Some games still even use DX9 and DX10. Sometimes it isn’t about the pretties, and more about just making a good game. I hate this hardware based approach to game design where developers get a new gimmick and it’s like, “Hey, we have bloom now, let’s use it on EVERYTHING.”

You are right. This hardware approach is a bad idea. And ruins some games. (Also, I would like it if microsoft would stop forcing us to pay for the new Directx’s. It probably would run on win98 if given the chance!)

They actually do since DirectX 10 (iirc) but you still have to specify the feature level (DirectX version) to use. If some game has code to automatically pick the highest available feature level it could pick DX12 without having to specify it explicitly.

However I believe the important features like the closer hardware access will require specific code so it’s unlikely you’ll see much of an improvement even though it’s running on DX12 in these cases.

I understood its otherway around, you use API front ver 10 or later on hardware feature level 9.3 or whatever. What I suggested was that for a change it might be Microsoft changed the implementation of the older code base (so that DX11 runs faster/better). But yea, they most probably wouldn’t. On the other hand if MS had grown itself even bigger like several other companies did before development would be even … staler then its now.

Agile MS would change the OS kernel to freebsd or such and implement the Win32 API on top of it, and maybe a new modern API layer next to it that isn’t a numb way to lock developers in. That would be awesome.

Oh man its just to warm for humans here for a change, I have fever hallucinations. :stuck_out_tongue:

But DX12 does not introduce anything new regarding shaders, it’s still using SM5.0, so visually games won’t be diffrent but will run faster and can have more stuff on screen