How can I apply a post process material around actors?

How can I do this? And I don’t mean to just enable custom depth in their rendering settings. I want the material to change the area around an object.

Similar to how it was done here:

BUT, around objects which might move. I’ve tried using Actor Position node in material editor but I’m not sure how a post process material can get actor coordinates if it’s applied to a blendable in global volume.


I have no idea idea what you are trying to accomplish, so if I’m not going in the right direction with my answer please respond with a better description of the result you are trying to achieve :slight_smile:

I’m just ignoring the blog post for now because of some obscure math in it, and it might not all be needed for what you are trying to achieve.

If you like to have this as a post processing effect and don’t want to use custom depth and know the amount of “actors which might move”, you could pas them all in as a vector parameter. If the array of movable actors changes in code you could pas in different actors. So if you for example have 6 actors you could have 6 vector parameters in your materials. These can be changed over time via c++ or blueprint. so they don’t have to be the same actors throughout your entire level.

In a material you can hook up a distance node between that and a " world position" (of a pixel) and divide it by the distance you would like “something” to be different. hook it up to the alpha of a linear interpolation node and you can do with “A” and “B” whatever you like.

It totally depends on what you want to achieve. If I’m not heading in the right direction just let me know, and I will figure out a new solution.